FileCloud Community Edition

FileCloud Community Edition

It’s a program designed to provide features comparable to Google Cloud and DropBox when it comes to hosting and sharing files. Do you desire complete control over all of your data and files? Are you aware that Google Drive and Dropbox are unable to accomplish this?

The FileCloud Community Edition appears to be distinct and special in many ways in this respect. Individuals and businesses may use it to share, sync, and store content on their servers.

This will work with either a Windows or a Linux operating system. One of the reasons for the creation of this platform is that there is an increasing concern about how to secure data in today’s digital environment. Companies are attempting to find the most effective way to address this issue. As a result, individuals have been victims of cyber fraud and other types of criminal activity.

What is FileCloud Community Edition and how does it work?

This FileCloud community edition review would be incomplete without demonstrating how to use the platform. It is suggested that you begin with the free trial version. To get started, follow the steps below.

1st step

Click the “Get A 14-Day Community Trial Edition” button.

2nd Step

You’ll be sent to a page similar to the one below. Simply complete the required fields. Then select “Start Free Trial” from the drop-down menu. You will receive an email after this has been completed successfully. This provides instructions on how to download and install the program. It will also provide information regarding your driver’s license.

3rd step

You’ll see a screen similar to this one after clicking the link in your email. To sign in, use the information given to your inbox. Your “Username and Password” are these.

4th step

After you’ve logged in, you’ll be prompted to change your information. Simply do so and click the “Update” button. Then, select “Begin Trial” from the drop-down menu. After that, you’ll be presented with two alternatives, as seen below. Make sure you select “Download Trial License” from the drop-down menu. Please keep in mind that you have merely downloaded the license, which will be required on the page where you used your login and password to log in previously.

Return to your dashboard at this point. On the left, select “Downloads.” As seen below, you will see a variety of alternatives that you may download.

These are the many software alternatives available for download. Any version you download and install here will require the license you downloaded before. You can see how simple it is to get started with FileCloud Community Edition. This Trial version will allow you to try out some of the capabilities that this platform has to offer.

FileCloud Community Edition was designed to improve the security of how files are saved, shared, and synchronized. You have complete control over how your data is saved with this method. This translates to improved data management and control. Other firms do exist that allow you to store, exchange, and sync data. FileCloud Community Edition, on the other hand, offers something unique that you won’t find on other platforms. You will be able to control the entire procedure as a result of this. Do you want to discover one of the platform’s greatest features? Your data are, without a doubt, updated on a frequent basis. Additionally, there is no need to submit files via email. Large corporations have developed methods for maintaining their data over time. FileCloud Community Edition was created to provide you with incredibly strong capabilities to ensure that your company operations are never disrupted.

FileCloud Community Edition features

Now that you know what FileCloud Community Edition is all about, you’re probably eager to learn about its unique features. The reality is that this platform has exceeded expectations with features such as:

  • There are five full users and an unlimited number of free web users.
  • It may be used on both Linux and Windows platforms.
  • Connections to Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3 cloud storage, and local storage are all simple to set up.
  • It may be hosted at any location. This might be on your server or on the cloud.
  • Access from Linux, Mac, and Windows should be disabled.
  • Synced files may be accessed from a variety of mobile devices. It’s possible that they are Android or iOS smartphones.
  • To access Windows file sharing, you don’t need to utilize a VPN.
  • NTFS permissions are used for user authorization and access.
  • The connection between Outlook and Office is simple and straightforward. And there are several others.

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