Wiping Your MacBook Air Without Reinstalling macOS

Wiping Your MacBook Air Without Reinstalling macOS

Wiping Your MacBook Air Without Reinstalling macOS

After you’ve checked that your data is backed up to an external storage unit, you can start deleting anything from your MacBook Air’s internal storage. If you want to uninstall the computer rather than reinstall macOS, start by following these steps:

The steps below will fully wipe your MacBook’s internal storage unit, erasing all data and information.

  • Start by turning off your Mac via the Apple menu or by pressing the power button on your keyboard once.
  • Keep down the Command and R keys on your MacBook’s keyboard at the same time until your screen is fully turned off.
  • R + Command
  • Switch on your MacBook Air without letting go of any previous buttons.
  • You should let go of the Command and R keys until you see the Apple logo or a spinning globe on the phone.
  • Allow the device to enter Recovery Mode when it starts up. When you see the macOS utility window, continue.
  • Select Disk Utility from the macOS utility window.
  • Select Show All Devices from the View menu option. The drives connected to your computer are listed below the View menu button. Choose your primary drive, which includes Macintosh HD.
  • Click the Erase button once your drive has been selected.

Leave all settings in the Erase window alone and press the Erase button. Restart your computer. Your computer will turn on with a blinking question mark in a folder icon if it has been successfully erased.

Additional macOS Installation Alternatives

When you boot up your Mac, pressing Command + R automatically installs the most recent version of macOS that has been installed on your computer.

When booting, however, two additional options are available:

  • R + Option + Command
  • The choice mentioned above will install the most recent version of macOS that is compatible with your MacBook Air.
  • Option + Command + R (Shift + Option + Command + R)

The version of macOS that came with the Mac is installed with this option. If your MacBook Air is older, the nearest version that is still available will be installed.

Is it possible to erase a hard drive without removing Windows? Although you can’t completely delete the hard drive without removing the OS, resetting Windows to its factory default settings will remove all personal files and applications.

What is the best way to clean an external hard drive? Connect the drive to your monitor, then pick the external drive in File Explorer > This PC. Pick Format from the context menu, then choose a file system and obey the prompts.

How do I reinstall Windows on a hard drive that has been wiped clean? Insert a Windows DVD or a USB drive containing the Windows ISO, reboot the PC, and follow the install process prompts to reinstall Windows.

How do I reinstall macOS on a Mac hard drive that has been wiped? Open the macOS utility app, click Install macOS, and follow the prompts to reinstall macOS after wiping the disk.

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