How to Watch Netflix on Ultra HD TV

How to Watch Netflix on Ultra HD TV

How to Watch Netflix on Ultra HD TV – Streaming on Netflix Requires a Subscription
In order to stream Netflix 4K content on specific Ultra HD Pixel phones from each of these brands, the TV has to be a model that was released in 2014 or later and has the Netflix app installed, plus you must have a subscription plan that allows you to access Netflix’s 4K content library
If you aren’t sure your specific TV model or Netflix subscription plan fits the requirements, definitely contact customer/tech support for your brand of TV, or contact Netflix customer service for the latest info.

Internet Speed Requirements

The final thing you need to stream Netflix 4K content is a fast broadband connection. Netflix strongly recommends that you have access to an internet streaming/download speed of about 25mbps. It may be possible that a slightly lower speed could still work, but you may experience buffering or stalling issues or Netflix will automatically “down-rez” your streaming signal to 1080p, or lower resolution, in response to your available internet speed (which also means you won’t get that improved picture quality).

Ethernet vs. Wi-Fi

In conjunction with a fast broadband speed, you should also connect your Smart Ultra HD TV to the internet via a physical Ethernet connection. Even if your TV provides Wi-Fi, it can be unstable, resulting in buffering or stalling, which definitely ruins the movie viewing experience. However, if you are currently using Wi-Fi and haven’t had a problem, you may still be OK. Just remember, 4K video contains a lot more data, so even minor interference can cause problems. If you encounter problems using Wi-Fi, Ethernet would be the best option.

Beware of Data Caps
Keep an eye on your ISP’s monthly data caps. You may be subject to a monthly data cap, depending on your ISP (Internet Service Provider). These caps often go unnoticed for most downloading and streaming, but if you venture into 4K territory, you will be using more data each month than you are now. If you’re unsure of your monthly data cap, how much it costs to exceed it, or even if you have one, contact your Internet service provider for more information.

The HDR Added Value
Additionally, some 4K Netflix content is encoded in HDR. This means that if you have a compatible HDR TV, you can also enjoy enhanced brightness, contrast, and color for a more natural-looking viewing experience with select titles.

How Does Netflix in 4K Look and Sound?
Naturally, once you’ve accessed 4K streaming via Netflix, the next question is “How does it look?” If you have the required broadband speed, the result will also depend on the quality of the content and, frankly, the screen size of your television – 55-inches or larger is optimal for viewing the difference between 1080p and 4K. The results can be quite impressive and look slightly better than a 1080p Blu-ray Disc, but they still fall short of the quality of a physical 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc.

Additionally, the surround sound formats available on Blu-ray and Ultra HD Blu-ray discs provide a superior listening experience to the Dolby Digital/EX/Plus formats available through most content’s streaming options. Dolby Atmos is gaining some traction (compatible home theater receiver and speaker setup also required).

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