How to Add Google Gadgets in Your Sites

How to Add Google Gadgets in Your Sites

Hey readers! We are back here with Google Gadgets. Have you come across this topic? Very many of us may not have the idea of what Google Gadgets are. In this article, I will be giving a huge light on what they are. Google gadgets are powerful and useful web tools that can be used on a web page and site. They can also be added to Google’s customized home page. Every web page and site has a powerful gadget contained in it. And so these sites offer Google data (Data API) that is used together with gadgets to make powerful applications. This means that as a gadget developer, you can use the site’s Google data to set tools for other web developers and other users, as well for your own use.

You could also create and own a gadget when you set up a gadget for web pages and sites; it automatically becomes available to millions of active users all over the world. All you have to do is submit the gadgets to us and it will be visible where users can easily browse. Configure and also add your gadgets to their own sites. So now you are fully aware that sites and web pages are a great platform of distribution and availability for your gadgets, what are you still waiting for? Let’s get started, build gadgets for sites now!

Importance of Google Gadgets

Gadgets are small useful features that generate external pieces of information into sites and web pages. In other words, a gadget is a small file that helps retrieve pieces of information with the function to make these pieces of information visible and available in so many sites and web pages at the same time. Gadgets created and developed for sites and web pages can be used by all viewers of the site. These users are usually interactive, they are focused on the useful contacts of the sites rather than the presentations, and they complement the contents contained in the site.

Google Gadgets Features

Google Gadgets allow you provide so many pieces of pieces of information extracted from other sources in a single page together with texts published in sites. Gadgets comprise of the features:

  1. The container page: this is the site or the web page in which the gadget is fixed and used, in this situation is the Google site.
  2. The external data source: this feature resides in the same location as the .xml file but it used by the HTTP file to give out its results.
  3. The Gadget spec file: this is the .xml file that joins both the HTML function and the JavaScript function together.

Note: no matter the function of each gadget, its file must be added on the World Wide Web so it can be found and used. Always remember that your gadgets have to be published in a directory for it to be selected.

You might wonder what these Google gadgets are, they are clocks, calendars, notes, CPU meter, photo gallery, your contacts, games, and others. These tools are based on applications that improve the function of a particular service. The applications that presently supports these gadgets are the Google Desktop and Yahoo widgets engine, the Google desktop is an application that can be downloaded and it helps a lot of companies expand the function of the Google search engine.

How to Add Google Gadgets in Your Sites

To add gadgets to your site, here’s what to do:

  1. Open your site where you want to add the Google gadgets.
  2. At the upper right side of the page, click on Edit. Click on “insert”, then click on “Gadgets” and tap on “more gadgets”.
  3. A list of gadgets will be shown to you, choose the gadgets you want to add. Then click on confirm or save.
  4. Log in if you are asked to. You will need to log in to the web application “”. Tap on the log in button and open a tab in your browser. You have to log in to “” using your Google account details.
  5. If it is your first time, it will take extra time to work.
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