AOL Entertainment – AOL Entertainment Icon

AOL Entertainment – AOL Entertainment Icon

Do you want to get recent updates, videos, photos, and posts along with information regarding celebrities in one place? Then you should be headed towards AOL Entertainment. Perhaps, you have heard once or twice about AOL. If you haven’t AOL is the abbreviation for American Online. The platform as an online website or a mobile app has many features you are definitely going to enjoy. Some of these features are access to travel tips, videos, games, lifestyle, and so on. However, as you might have already noticed we will be focusing on the AOL feature AOL entertainment since that is our topic for discussion.

Before we continue further on this article, I wish to inform you that this article is just a review of the AOL feature AOL entertainment this means to say that this site is not the AOL website and you would not be asked to pay for anything upon your use of this site. However, depending on your network provider, you might be charged with regular data charges. Now that that has been noted, using the AOL Entertainment feature does not require you to sign up for an AOL account. That is to say that anyone has access to the feature whether they are new or not. If there is any line you do not understand in this article or far or the after, you can simply go through the line again till you get it.

AOL Entertainment Icon

The AOL entertainment is the only official icon you can use in accessing or using the AOL Entertainment feature. You can find this icon on the official AO website. If you have not found it, you need not worry as we will be discussing how you can access and use the icon to access AOL entertainment. Remember, using this feature you are getting not just entertainment but recent updates and photos for free.

Accessing and Using American Online Entertainment

It is simple and free to access the AOL entertainment feature. The steps below will guide you in successfully accessing and using the AOL entertainment feature.

  • Go to the AOL official website using the URL
  • Locate by the left sidebar the “Entertainment” icon and tap on it.

After a few seconds, you will be redirected to the American Online entertainment webpage. If you are using a mobile device, you might have to tap on a menu button before you would find the Entertainment icon.

American Online Entertainment Categories

There are several categories on the AOL entertainment webpage. Some of these categories are entertainment from celebrities, Movies, Music, and TV. It is simple to access these categories. The steps below will guide you in accessing the American Online entertainment Categories.

  • Go access the entertainment webpage of the platform using the steps listed earlier in this article.
  • On the Entertainment webpage, tap on Celebrity, Movies, Music or TV to access the information on that category. You should find these subcategories under the Entertainment icon.

That is all you need to do to access and use the AOL entertainment categories.

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